Our focus is predominantly the period in western art from around the early Renaissance, up to the present day. There will, however, be other cultures and regions added over time, including art from Africa, Asia and parts of South America. The overall ambition is to make our selection of artists as inclusive as possible and to meet the wide tastes of our audience.

The full history of art displays a connection from one generation to the next, and from one artistic movement to the next. In studying famous artists from the past few centuries, we are able to track a path of discovery, with new ideas and innovations being passed on, and slowly evolved onwards. This is particularly the case within painting, and this is why understanding art history is just so important.

Artist Guides

Our artist guides will include an overview of the artist's life and career, as well as a short biography which explains who influenced them, and the legacy that they left. There are then opportunities to see some of the highlights from their oeuvre, and the most important artworks are given their own pages, offering further detail on each individual piece.

Where possible, we will include information on the museums which holds their individual works, for those looking to view some of these items in person. Any related exhibitions will also be featured, to keep the content as uptodate and helpful as possible. Eventually, this section should expand into other styles of art to be entirely encompassing of the full gamut of artistic disciplines from right across the globe.

In terms of the artists featured here, you will, of course, find the usual suspects from art movements such as the Renaissance, the Impressionists, Realism, Academic Art as well as respected national movements, such as the British Pre-Raphaelites. We will attempt to introduce you to names within these groups that were highly skilled but for some reason did not receive large amounts of recognition, whilst also including the established names from whom we can learn so much.

List of Featured Artists

The Influence of Art

Art has influenced culture for many centuries, whilst also reflecting life in a visual form that later generations could understand. It has also been used in a competitive element, where competing cities or countries might aim to offer the finest paintings, sculptures and architecture - this was particularly common during the Renaissance, when Italy was a collection of different provinces.

Artists continue to express new ideas, sometimes challenging orthodoxy, and many famous artists enjoy a strong platform with which they can argue for those without a voice. Political art is a considerable genre in its own right, but there is plenty of room for traditional aesthetic art, where artists simply enjoy the beauty of the visual form.

We must also remember that some artists are unable to express themselves in a number of ways within certain cultures, and so the success of western art is in part due to the freedoms that many of us enjoy currently. Expression and freedom are key parts of life, and art is the perfect example of this in action.