Parisien Gauguin held close relationships with several other notable artists of that period, and similiarly struggled like them to attain critical acclaim for his work. Gauguin was best known for his friendship with Vincent van Gogh and the two were housemates for a short time. The artist took several paintings from Van Gogh to form part of his own collection, and is now understood to have an impressive eye for art which was ahead of it's time. Post-Impressionists were known for bold, bright colours and the French countryside proved a useful avenue for inspiration for Gauguin and Van Gogh, with local nature and climate being ideal for their style of art.

Paul Gauguin's paintings fit into the art movements of primitivism and post-expressionism and Gauguin was one of the finest artists in both of these styles. This website includes all of the best Gauguin paintings as well as including detailed information on the life and career of the artist too. French art currently holds great history and Paul Gauguin is one of their most important contributors, making his legacy exceptionally strong. The achievements of Gauguin were considerable by the end of his career and many notable painters who followed are known to have been influenced by Gauguin's style, notably Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. It was unusual at the time for a western artist to achieve so much with a style that was influenced by ethnic ideas, namely from the painter's experiences in Tahiti where he lived for many years.

Paul Gauguin paintings were not the only medium in which he excelled. There were also exceptional examples of sculpture, ceramics and engravings at different times in his career which lasted up until his death in 1903 at the age of 54. Paris-born Gauguin had grown to love the island of Tahiti and chose to spend most of his time there having already built an impressive reputation within Europe for his unusual primitivist style. It is easy to enjoy Gauguin's paintings in the modern era as most are spread evenly around North America and Europe so art fans here can get to see his original works in any major galleries and museums that are close to them. Major exhibitions are also common and collect up these together to provide a better, fuller understanding of his career as a whole. Most recently, a major exhibition for Gauguin was held in London.

Tahitian Landscape above is another of the best known works from Paul Gauguin. The links beside it take you through to where you can buy your own reproduction copies of it as a framed giclee art print, poster or stretched canvas. Tahitian landscape uses the typical palette of colour used by Gauguin in most of his works based on this island, with plenty of bright greens, yellows and oranges. Over the past two centuries European artists have been particularly inspired and curious about ethnic artistic styles which they may only see on rare occasions, not being able to visit the source of each themselves. Gauguin showed that these styles can break into the western mainstream art world with his own primitivist paintings and fellow post-impressionist Vincent van Gogh also achieved great success with a series of paintings inspired by Japanese art which are now well respected elements of his career.

Suburban Street is a rare choice for Gauguin and certainly differs strongly from his normal Tahiti-based paintings. Surburban Street features a charming scene of French life that many will find enjoyment from and offers perhaps an insight into the earlier career of Gauguin when he was very much a traditional French provincial painter, far removed from the more exotic styles which were later to make their way into his style. Gauguin enjoyed his time in French Polynesia and consistently challenged the ruling colonial powers in defence of local natives who he held a great affection for. It was then that Gauguin regularly produced nude portraits of the island's women and he would also include large amounts of symbolism within most of these paintings. In return for his kindness, many French polynesians took to Gauguin and learnt to differentiate him from their western ruling powers.

Les Parau Parau is another impressive styled work from Gauguin, see that above. Many of Gauguin's works carry both his original French title and are also refered to with the English translation now thanks to this language's prominence within the media. We tend to use English names within this website as that is what most people will use online. Several French artists have been highly prized by several Russian collectors who have understood their qualities earlier than most other critics, enabling them to purchase large numbers of paintings of key painters at exceptionally discounted prices. For this reason you will find large numbers of Paul Gauguin paintins at the Pushkin Museum and the Hermitage. It is now extremely rare to see one of his paintings come up for sale, with huge amounts being offered whenever they do.

Gauguin Prints offer an impressive collection of French art at it's creative best with bold styles that have been roughly classified within the primitive and post-impressionist art movements. Paul Gauguin first rose to fame in his native Paris towards the end of the 19th century before adding Tahiti-inspired prints into his career which helped to set his subjects aside from the norm of that time. The colours and boldness that this topic inspired helped to ensure that his works live on today are prints remain very popular and hold an impressively contemporary feel. Paul Gauguin is seen as a great influence on many different painters and art movements, including the following Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, André Derain, Fauvism, Cubism and Orphism. Gauguin excelled most notably in oil painting, sculpture, ceramics and engraving. It is encouraging to see that the impact of this great artist has not been forgotten and many still choose to buy Gauguin prints all over the world because either they appreciate his impact or simply enjoy the style that he brought in through his varied and innovative career.

The print above is just one of many Gauguin prints available from the links enclosed in this website from our highly recommended art retailer store. They specialise in art prints and posters with a great selection available, and quality ensured. In fact we have used them ourselves, so feel comfortable in including links to buy Gauguin prints from their gallery in this website. In their gallery you can find tapestries, stretched canvases and framed or unframed art prints of paintings by Paul Gauguin plus other artists too including all major French impressionists and post-impressionists which are among their most popular choices. These style underline the developments made since Renaissance artists like Da Vinci and Raphael. The importance of Gauguin prints and paintings is seen by the way they spearheaded the interest in exotic art at that time where European and American art followers were looking beyond even their own exceptional artists and movements to demand other tastes that they had not experienced before, which they knew existed in other cultures abroad. Gauguin matched Van Gogh in his appreciation of influences from other cultures, with Van Gogh very well known for his study and incorporation of classic Japanese prints and wooden blocks into his own techniques. The list of others who also brought in styles from outside of the western world is almost endless and is now even more common.

Primitivism is an art movement literally discovered in the western world thanks to the prints and paintings of Paul Gauguin, having existed for thousands of years previously untouched. It famously features exaggerated body proportions, animal totems, geometric designs and clear contrasting colours and originated from Africa, Micronesia, and Native American cultures before being found by Gauguin who immediately fell in love with the styles as much as the locations for these works. His accepted reputation then allowed others the opportunity to gain exposure to it themselves when his galleries of work were brought back to Europe. Paul Gauguin is just one of many famous French artists, with most around during the 19th and 20th centuries as art moved on towards the impressionists and contemporary periods, where French art made it's greatest impact. You can see a brief list of some of the most famous French artists below that stand alongside Gauguin in pushing both French and international onwards towards what we have today:

  • Eugène Delacroix
  • Camille Pissarro
  • Édouard Manet
  • Edgar Degas
  • Paul Cézanne
  • Claude Monet
  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  • Frédéric Bazille
  • Henri Rousseau
  • Gustave Caillebotte
  • Henri Marie de Toulouse-Lautrec
  • Henri Matisse
  • Marc Chagall

You can see a full list of other well known Paul Gauguin prints below:

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