An artist needs to connect his feelings with his environment. In that manner, the painting or piece of art that is produced eventually will capture the hearts of many because of its intensity. A piece of art is more than what meets the eye. A person needs to look at it in a different dimension, single out the chaos erupting from it or the serenity it sets in the room. That is why it is art for art's sake.

Aha Oe Feii are you Jealous is a picture of two naked sisters lying on the beach after enjoying a bath. They position in which the sisters are in are similar to that of animals resting peacefully after a long day. They talk about love and sexual experiences they had the previous night. This myriad of thoughts between the two sisters causes an argument to erupt between them and one ends up to asking the other "What? Are you jealous?" The artist decided to name the painting in Tahitian language so that it can be greatly linked to its origin. The painting is in Moscow, Russia at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

There are varieties of styles that an artist can use to communicate his piece of work. These styles are useful in embellishing any type of art. Paul Gauguin is not exceptional; he incorporates different stylistic devices that are perfectly captured in his masterpiece. Women have morbid jealousy which they are born with it is evident among the two sisters. The jealousy is brought about after one sister had an eventful night where she enjoyed more sex than the other. The oceanic view behind them signifies paradise in Tahiti where sexual relationships only involve fun and nothing serious. Paul Gauguin felt satisfaction to an extend that he shared his feelings to his friend through a letter in the year 1892 claiming that the painting is the best he has ever made.

Most artists influenced and inspired Paul Gauguin to pursue his dreams of being an artist. One of the most significant being Camille Pissarro who made him start painting. Painters such as Emile Bernard and Vincent Van Gogh shaped Paul Gauguin into the renowned artists he was. He too influenced other aspiring artists such as Edvard Munch to following his dream in the world of art. Paul Gauguin was courageous and bold to decide to follow his dream and pursue it till his time of death. It is this courage that inspired other young and upcoming artists to believe in themselves.

Aha Oe Feii Are you Jealous in Detail Paul Gauguin