The portrait shows three girls dancing in the open while holding hands. All are dressed in log dresses reaching the ankles, with apron-like garments on the top. The dresses are long-sleeved, and this can be seen as the girls have their arms stretched out. Looking from the left side, the first girl has a dark blue dress with a brown apron and an orange flower sticking out on her right side of the chest. She stretches out her hand to hold that of the girl in the middle. The middle girl has a dark green dress with a light brown apron and an orange flower sticking on her side of the chest.

She seems to stretch out her hand to hold the third girl whose face is partially hidden. The last girl has a black dress and faces away from the viewer. The girls seem to be in comfortable shoes and are dancing in the open. Their heads are covered in white head wraps that show their hair on the foreheads. The girl in the middle has blonde hair, while the other two seem to have red hair. Next to the girl in the middle is a dog that is brown with some small white patches. It is wagging its tail upwards and seems to concentrate on something on the ground. The environment has some small hills that stretch out to the right side of the portrait. In the far background are some trees and buildings, which the viewer later sees its the Pont-Aven.

With clear clouds and the sky, one can say that it is in the early evening, just before the sunsets. On the left side of the portrait, Gauguin captured different vegetations. There are three portions of land where one has a bright green colour, he middle one jungle green, and the other piece of land has brown vegetation. Other portraits by the artist during the 'Breton Period' are Bathing Place, Bordeaux Harbour, Bathing in Front of the Port of Pont-Aven, Breton Women, Clovis, Coastal Landscape, Farm in Brittany, and others. Gauguin did not stay in Breton for long as he felt that the area was too crowded with artists and was expensive for his living. He chose to move on from Brittany in 1891 and settle in Tahiti. Today, Breton Girls Dancing's painting, Pont-Aven, is located at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven in Detail Paul Gauguin