Gauguin's use of vivid colour retains a popularity amongst modern art fans, who also flock to the work of similar artists like Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock. We provide links alongside each and every artwork in our paintings section, and these provide opportunities to buy art print reproductions from, who are our approved retailer. Many find out about Gauguin from his time with Van Gogh, and then discover his work to also be to their taste. Gauguin himself was a controversial character, like so many other notable artists, but his catalogue of cultural influences makes his style unique and inspiring. The simplicity of relatively modern art styles, such as post-impressionism and the Viennese Secession, prove best suited to art reproduction prints. These tend to be shrunken down versions of the originals, where the brushwork of renaissance art would be lost.

For this reason, you will find that the likes of Van Gogh, Monet, Pollock and Klimt are amongst the most frequently ordered artists. Gauguin is not far behind them too. Once settling upon your preferred painting, you will then find a whole host of customising options in the product page. These include framing mats, glass overlays and framing selections in metal and wood., Amazon and various companies on Google also offer international shipping and regularly discount their products, so make sure to time your purchase right. Someone as famous and popular as Paul Gauguin will have a good proportion of his oeuvre covered by these different companies, particularly because the copyright was removed many years ago, making it easier to offer reproductions of the artist's work for sale. Gauguin himself produced many hundreds of paintings across his career, leaving behind much greater variety within that than many people realise, such is the concentration today on his period working in Tahiti.

When finding the right print or poster, there is a wealth of options available. Retailers will customise each product to the nth degree, helping you to get just what you need. There are also simpler options, with straight off the shelf prints off set sizes for those who might be a little overwhelmed by actually having too much choice. Many third party sellers on Amazon, for example, will allow fairly good value prints delivered to your door and these will likely already have been produced and kept ready for delivery in short periods of time. Those with a more precise idea in mind might prefer framed prints, or perhaps a small inlay card to lie between the two. These give a more professional finish, but will certainly add extra costs. Even without those options, are a multitude of things to consider such as the colour and material of the frame, much of which will depend on the style of the artist used. The contemporary approach of Gauguin means a more simple frame style would normally be best.

The mid 19th century to around 100 years later is a period of critical importance to European art. It is this era which retains the greatest level of popularity in terms of art prints, and Gauguin was a major part of that. It brought in all manner of new art movements, such as Impressionism, Expressionism and Post-Impressionism. Artists would appear from across Europe, with France perhaps being the central hub, particularly within the city of Paris. The use of brighter colours and expressionist ideas was a natural progression over a number of centuries since the Renaissance and finally things had reached their pinnacle. Art felt more fun at last, and now the great names from these contemporary styles fill households right across the world. Europeans also took inspiration from outside their boundaries, such as with African and Asian art. Gauguin personally added to this development with his own work in Tahiti, where he even went as far as living there in order to better understand this alternative culture.

We have listed some of his most popular choices below, though there are actually around several hundred artworks to choose from in total. Much will depend on where you are going to hang the art print, as well as your own personal taste. He created many portraits, as well as a good number of landscape paintings too. There were also some religiously-themed artworks that you might prefer instead, including several depictions of Christ. It is his work in Tahiti that retains the most interest, perhaps because of its uniqueness within European art history. There is also something charming and innocent found within those portraits, where just a handful of Tahitians are going about their daily lives, entirely unaware of anything happening outside of their own culture. These artworks also helped many westerners to learn about the lives of people living on the other side of the world that previously that had been fairly ignorant about. Eventually, Gauguin turned his back on his own culture and remained abroad for the rest of his life.

So, in summary, please take the time to look through a number of different retailers to find the right one for you. If you have any friends or family with experience of buying art prints themselves, then you might be able to use the same recommended ones. It is probably worth framing the artwork in most cases, because of the better look that it gives but also in how it should protect the painting for the longterm, even if you choose to move it around the house from time to time. Much will of course depend on the budget that you have available, and posters are always a good choice for those with less money to spend. Aside from that, importing from abroad can be a tricky business with surprise import taxes and the like, so where possible it is best to order from your own domestic market. All of the companies mentioned here offer us small commissions when you order via our website, but other options are available too.

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