The painting has characters representing people with who Paul Gauguin has a close relationship. One of the characters is a male character who, according to research, was one of Gauguin's friends called Émile Schuffenecker. Émile Schuffenecker is the character who is standing and only seem to be keenly observing the other characters in the painting. He is wearing a blue shirt and trousers with similar dark shoes with his hands held together. Louise Lançon, his wife, is seen seated with two children on the side. One of the children is called Jeanne and was born in 1882, and the other child is Paul, born two years later after Jeanne in 1884.

Louise Lançon in the painting is seen to be wearing a red gown and a shawl coming from her head and covering her neck too. On the other hand, the two children are wearing bright red clothes. One of the kids assumed to be Jeanne has a hair bow. The other kid who is Paul, is the one sleeping while being held by Jeanne. Louise Lançon and Jeanne seem to be looking straight towards something specific that concerns them but not Émile Schuffenecker. He seems to be looking straight towards Louise Lançon and the children too. The characters seem to be in some indoor shelter, probably their home. There is a painting at the house wall behind them with a still-life image of fruits on a plate. The fruits have a red and green appearance but not as clear as the actual fruits. There is also an additional picture on the wall showing a Japanese print that reflects the fashionable Japonism during that era.

The paintings represent the high level of interest that the Schuffenecker Family must have had or maybe just one of the painting characters. The house also seems to have a chimney and some furniture located right next to where Émile Schuffenecker is standing. Part of the window seems open, showing a clear representation of the outside of a building in the neighborhood. The outside view gives insights into the level of class the area might have. The painting's theme represents a simple family theme in a normal setting. Paul Gauguin's inspiration for paintings is diverse. Other painting have similar styles.

The Schuffenecker Family in Detail Paul Gauguin