A picture says a thousand words about a story. You would think paintings are merely a cliché, but still, they have a role in bringing out different stories in society. The Three Tahitians painting has a larger story behind it and here it goes. In the new generation, women have the power to manipulate in a lot of areas with their sexuality. In this painting, a man is between two women, and it seems like he has to choose between different things. Firstly, there is the woman who seems to put the man into temptations. The temptation is the key to getting everything in a man. From the painting, you can see that the woman uses her sexuality to get the man's attention. Although there is another woman on the side.

On the other hand, there is this virtuous woman who seems to be well dressed, holding an apple in her hand. She looks like she has it all planned for the man. She is all in her package and all he has to do is accept what she has to offer. With a first glance at the three Tahitians, you will realise that Paul is bringing out African culture about women. In the old ways, a man's masculinity comes from the number of women you can get. In this painting, you can see that the man has two women who are interested in him. He has the chance to choose who would be the most suitable. Either the spoilt one who has no clothes or the one who seems presentable.

Ultimately, the painting is ironical as the woman who offers flowers which seems so sweet, is the one who has no clothing and that comes out as immoral. However, the one who has clothes offers an apple which is a symbol of sin. It takes a lot of talent from Paul Gauguin to make such a beautiful painting. The paintings originality says a lot and it keeps it more interesting and, of course, pricy. The use of canvas materials and unique colour painting makes the painting more desirable.

Three Tahitians in Detail Paul Gauguin